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WordPress Licensing Soft Features…


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  • Complete Plugin/Theme Licensing Solution - Menu driven creation and management of customer license keys for your products.
  • Fully Integrated With WordPress Commerce Plugin - With WPLS you can sell product and redistribute your license with any wordpress commerce plugin like woocommerce, jigoshop, envato marketplace, wp e-commerce.
  • Integration Template – WPLS automatically generates the integration script for you to give to your programmer to incorporate into your plugin/theme.
  • WPLS Online Tutorial Library – This comprehensive online tutorial library will show you the features and functions of the plugin and help you get the most out of our licensing system.
  • World Class Support – We pride ourselves on offering not only first class products, but first class support. If you have any questions or problems you can contact our helpdesk and we will respond fast (usually within 24 hours).


Requirements For Use:

  • lib jSon must installed both decoder/encoder in both server.
  • libXML must installed in both server
  • mySql must installed at least version 5.x
  • PHP at least version 5.x
  • WordPress Platform Must Installed for server at least version 3.5